Унифицированные условия для проведения конкурсов

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Унифицированные условия для проведения конкурсов

Сообщение Andrey Feldshteyn » Вс авг 26, 2007 12:53 am

FECO предлагает стандартизированные условия для проведения конкурсов:

competition regulations
Sunday 30 April 2006

1. The name of this cartoon contest is (enter name)

2. The theme(s) of this contest is/are (enter theme(s) and any categories)

3. The contest is open to cartoonist who are professional/semi-professional/amateur (state which)

4. The deadline for receipt of cartoons is 12.00am midday on (state date). The jury’s awards will be made on (date) and the exhibition will open on (date, place)

5. The maximum size of artwork is to be (state size in mm). The minimum size of artwork is to be (state size in mm). Artwork to be submitted unframed and unmounted.

6. The maximum number of entries is to be (state number and number per category if appropriate).

7. The name, address and telephone number of the artist is to be stated on the back of each cartoon.The artist is to provide a brief CV and a photograph (or self-caricature). If submission of a standard entry form is required, then this should be downloadable from a website.

8. The cartoons must be the original work of the artist. Cartoons that are deemed by the jury to be the same or closely similar to that known to be the work of another cartoonist will not be judged.

9. The cartoons may/may not have been previously published (state which). The cartoons may/may not have been previously awarded (state which)

10. Digital artwork will be accepted. Digital artwork is to numbered in pencil on the front and pencil signed.

11. (Optional clause) Non-digital artwork to be provided initially as colour photcopies which will not be returned. Artists of selected works will be asked to provide original artwork, which will be returned at the organisers expense. Digital artwork will only be returned by request.

12. Artwork will be returned to the artists by (state date).

13. A catalogue will be published and one copy will be supplied to each artist whose work has been selected for exhibition.

14. Prizes will be awarded as follows (state all prizes).

15. The organisers have the non-exclusive rights to use awarded works to advertise the next edition of the contest, without payment to the artist. The organisers claim no other rights to the use of awarded cartoons. Donation/transfer of ownership of actual paper artwork to the sponsors/Organisers/Museum does NOT signify unconditional transfer of copyrights - these are retained, unless otherwise specifically agreed, by the artist. Should further rights be sought, they are to be subject of a new agreement between the artist and the organisers.

16. The organisers claim no rights for the use of non-awarded works.

17. The organisers will be liable for the safe keeping of selected original artwork whilst in their possession.

18. Address for delivery (state address and any special advice for customs).

19. Contact for further information.

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