May 3, 2006
National Press Club Press Freedom Awards of Canada International Editorial Cartoon Competition.

The theme of the 6th International Editorial Cartoon Competition, was “Cartooning in a dangerous environment”: to illustrate the pressure under which cartoonists perform their craft: the “chill” of a potential libel suit, the temptation of self-censorship, and security, political, economic and/or editorial constraints to artistic expression."

FIRST PRIZE: Run Tang Li - Peoples Republic of China
SECOND PRIZE: Dale Cummings - Canada
THIRD PRIZE: Muammer Olcay - Turkey.

Ten Certificates of Excellence:
Ebina Mitsuru - Japan
MIchael de Adder - Canada
Vojtech Jurik Vhristi - Czech Republic
Bernard Bouton - France
Kang Kong - Korea
Theo Moudakis - Canada
Andrey Feldshteyn - United States of America
Peter Zimmer - Germany
Abdellah Derkaoui - Morocco

FIRST PLACE: Run Tang Li -- Guangdong, China

SECOND PLACE: Dale Cummings -- Winnipeg, Manitoba

THIRD PLACE: Muammer Olcay -- Istanbul, Turkey

Ten additional cartoons received an Award of Excellence.

Ebina Mitsuri
Tokyo, Japan.

Michael deAdder
Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Vojtech Jurik Vhisti
Prague, Czech Republic.

Bernard Bouton

Kang Kong

Theo Moudakis
Toronto, Ontario

Andrey Feldshteyn
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Peter Zimmer
Zurich, Switzerland

Tao Yiyuan

Abdellah Derkaoui

More Information: National Press Club of Canada
Association of Canadian Editorial Cartoonists