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The many lies of Mr. Zlatkovsky

Remarks on his letter “There comes a time to change FECO” sent to some FECO Chiefs and Cartoon Contest Organizers

LIE 1: Unifying national organizations into a common system.
This has never been, nor will be the aim of FECO to make ONE common system. We will always respect different cultures, different groups. We aim to cooperate in friendship with cartoonists all over the world. FECO is a link between cartoon organisations.

LIE 2: the Board of FECO did very little, or, in some aspects of prospective and important activities, did nothing.
Actually we need very many pages to list what FECO has done in the past 20 years.
To mention some: (see also the history of FECO, sent to all FECO Presidents)
We created competition rules to help organizations and cartoonists, a black list to warn cartoonists of bad cartoon competitions, produced FECONEWS Magazine as well as FECO Bulletin (6x a year digital with info about contest and news), a FECO Website,
We grew from 4 member countries to 30! We helped cartoonists who had bad experiences (such as they did not receive their prize money), organized exhibitions, held meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars, readings, we sought to solve problems and we did many things ‘behind the scenes”. Making friends and drawing the world together! All this was done by a small band of volunteers giving their time for free. This has cost them many hundreds of pounds/dollars/euros of their own money over the years.

LIE 3: many national organizations do not want to join FECO (for example those of Iran, China, Canada, Ukraine, the USA and others)
For the last three years Iran has been one of our members. China, Canada and Ukraine never asked to be members. We have tried to get Ukraine to join, but they had always resisted.

LIE 4: in some existing national branches FECO membership consists of one or two artist
To make a start by forming a FECO Group we accepted that some excellent cartoonists who wanted to be a member, were accepted (for a period of two years in which they had time to create a group of minimum 10 members) So we did with Russia (Michael Zlatkovsky and Victor Bogorad) and with Montenegro (Darko Drljevic and Luka Lagator). The promised 10 members of these two countries was never reached nor a list received. Up until now they still have two members each. They did NOT succeed in having more members!

We have always tried to help groups to join. It is sometimes impossible for FECO to know from outside a country, which group is really representative of that country's cartoonists. That is why the idea of country branches is being replaced gradually by organisation groups, so that there can be more than one in any county.

LIE 5: The low professional competence of Board Members as artists-cartoonists, their low authority among colleagues (please count the amount of the international awards received by any Board Member. Can you recollect any significant achievements in cartoon art associated with any of them?)
To mention briefly: Marlene Pohle (prizewinner in several countries), Peter Nieuwendijk (prizewinner in several countries), Bob Vincke (prizewinner in several countries), Roger Penwill (Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and international prizewinner), Izel Rozental ( a well respected cartoonist and prizewinner)

LIE 6: The low competence of Board Members as art critics (can you recall their articles, monographs, and publications about cartoon art, serious offers of innovations and initiatives?
YES we can. All FECO Board Members have been many times invited to be a jury members. Marlene Pohle (co-organizer of some cartoon festivals, co-organizer of cartoon exhibitions, founder of FECO Germany with today more than 40 members, wrote many letters and articles), Roger Penwill (founder and co-organizer of only British yearly cartoon festival in Shrewsbury, he has also arranged cartoon exhibitions and gives seminars about cartoons and digital cartooning, had one-man exhibitions in Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia and UK, co-founder of the Professional Cartoonists' Organisation), Bob Vincke (founder of the Belgian Cartoon Association KEVER, founder of FECO, co-organizer of 12 cartoon festival in Beringen, organizer of many cartoon weekends in Belgium), Izel Rozental (organizer and publisher of the discrimination festival, co-organizer Europe-Turkey exhibition in Deventer, founder and art director of an exhibition and arts centre in which he organized more than 40 national/international cartoon exhibitions and 4 festivals, awarded in year 2000, for my efforts and contributions to the cartoon art in my country with a special cultural prize, charged many times by the Turkish Prime Ministry to represent Turkey as cartoonist (with exhibitions and lectures) in different countries, published more than 20 books, essays and research about humour and cartoon art). Peter Nieuwendijk (founder of FECO, founder of the Dutch Cartoon Association TULP, founder of the Humor & Cartoon Association, editor in chief of FECONEWS Magazine, organizer of 15 Dutch Cartoon Festivals and some others, composer of 23 cartoon books, composer of 3 art books, writer of 63 articles about cartoons and cartoonists for newspapers, wrote 33 interviews with cartoonists)
Just to mention some of the low competence qualities of the FECO Board members!

LIE 7: And to everybody’s surprise a score of 5 stars is given only to a competition where FECO Board Members are invited.
The score of stars is given to all competitions, all over the world.
There are special rules for giving stars. They are scored objectively, not subjectively. It all depends on the protecting the cartoonists' copyrights, prize money, return of originals, sending of catalogues, trophies and exhibition. There is no favoritism

LIE 8: The absence of serious interest and the lack of free time among Board Members.

LIE 9: A more than usual situation with the election of FECO Presidents:
The election always occurred at the presence of a limited number of National Presidents, and, as is known, the opinion of the representatives who did not have the opportunity to arrive at the ceremony of election was never asked.
It was asked, but Mr. Zlatkovsky is just two years a so-called aspirant member and he never visited any meeting! We even changed the rules.
We started FECO with a rotation system with the founder countries (Belgium, Great Britain and Holland) to have a clear line. All hard workers who spend a lot of their free time for the benefit of FECO. For the moment we have a non-founder member as President General and we opened the door for other new Presidents Generals in the near future. When Marlene Pohle was nominated by the Board to take over from Roger Penwill as President,the world-wide membership was invited over a six month period to nominate others to be President. Nobody did, so Marlene was elected unopposed.

LIE 10: One might say that the election and the appointment of President General and Vice-President General took place in private, inside a company of friends.
The election and the appointment of FECO Board Members is written in the rules. See them, read them. And yes, of course we all are friends (in the field of cartooning), but the choice is made for reasons of competence and NOT for friendly reasons. FECO is NOT the board. All members together form FECO. The FECO Board does something for FECO, what can and will the members do for FECO? The Board has forced some democracy onto the membership, when there was no expressed desire for it from the membership.

LIE 11: There is an extensive development program for FECO, which requires a professional and competent Board. This plan includes: The creation of the Cartoon Museums’ Union, the Cartoon Contests’ Union, a rating scale for the refereeing of cartoon contests (it is not a secret that very often the jury has included some incompetent members and absolutely extraneous people)
FECO has no intention to create a Union of Cartoon Museums; we consider that as a national business
FECO has no intention to create a Union of Cartoon Contests; we consider that as a national or private business. Everybody is free to organize a contest. We just make remarks, give suggestions, willing to help if wanted.
FECO has no intention to create a list with referees who act as judges during cartoon contests, we consider that as a free choice of the organizers

Remark 1:
Conducting an annual competition "Results of the Year" by FECO with the following sections: Best political satire, Best caricature, Best cartoon, Best strip, etc
FECO is NOT almighty. We do not think we can measure or monitor. We’re not planning to organize a FECO World Cartoon Contest. There are already 137 different cartoon contest in the world. Some are excellent, some are good, and some are very bad. We are the watchers, we make remarks, we support., we give information to our members.
More than ten years ago we considered creating a kind of World Championship (Yearly), but that seemed to be an impossible task to collect all published and prizewinning cartoons in the world and to make a list. Why all these lists? What is the benefit ?

Remark 2:
The creation of a very informational FECO site.
We do have feco.info, and this is an informational site about FECO and international contests with a serious rating system. Of course there are several excellent cartoon sites on the web in addition to the official FECO site. We link to the sites of colleagues. We never expected to be the best and most informative site in the world! We’re not opponents of the other sites, we’re friends and we share information in our own way.

Remark 3:
Conducting master classes of leading world cartoonists, organizing seminars and conferences devoted to Cartoon Art Theory.
In the past years we participated in many seminars, conferences and readings all over the world: for example those in Ankara, Jerusalem, Patras, Zemun, Amstelveen, Beringen, Cairo, Istanbul, Seoul, St Just le Martel, Shrewsbury, Dordrecht, Ayr, Eindhoven.

Remark 4: Creation of permanent existing headquarters.
There is a FECO Headquarters. It is the Secretary General's studio in Holland. Meetings are held on different locations which are for those moments FECO Headquarters. Of course –if we have the money for it- we'd like to have a permanent existing headquarters, but as FECO acts in many countries it would not be wise to spend money on one building in one country. Every FECO member country can and may choose their own headquarters in their own country.

Remark 5: Publishing personal albums of the best cartoonists.
FECO is NOT a publishing house.
Humour varies dramatically around the world, so the idea of selecting the “best” is certain to be impossible. Who are the best cartoonists? And how many albums a year? If we produce them, who would sell them, who would distribute them?

Remark 6: Recognition of FECO by UNESCO and other international organizations.

Remark 7: Democratic election of a FECO President and FECO Board. All FECO members should have the right to vote for the nominees.
See for this the FECO Rules and the article ‘what we expect from FECO Presidents”.
Each country can hold, in a democratic way, their own elections, everybody who is a member can vote. The member countries decide by themselves who will be the FECO representatives for a period of 4 years.
Election of the FECO Board see: Lie 10 above.

Remark 8: There is an organization, which has for a long time now united all the world cartoonists. It is the International Cartoon Festival in Saint-Just-Le-Martel. The Mayor and Festival Director Gerard Vandenbroucke have shown surprising abilities in the organization of the biggest cartoon event in the world. It is enough to say, that the annual budget of the festival is about 500 000 euros. Here are your headquarters! Here is your publishing house!
Until now FECO Presidents were representatives of Belgium, Holland,
England, and Germany. It is logical that the new President would be the representative of another country, for example, France. A preliminary arrangement with Gerard Vandenbroucke was reached, and he agreed to be the new FECO President. The new FECO Board, with the support of all leading cartoonists of the world, will help Gerard Vandenbroucke to realize the above-described program of change and development.
Mr. Gerard Vandenbroucke is well known and well respected by FECO. Some years ago he was awarded with the FECO Fellowship Award. FECO has held some meetings in St Just and has an excellent relationship with the Salon in St. Just, which is a yearly meeting place for many cartoonists. Vandenbroucke is an excellent host, but NOT a publisher (however he composed some very interesting papers during the festival in St. Just), he never showed interest (in spite of what Mr. Zlatkovsky writes) in being nominated as the next FECO President General. He is not a cartoonist, he did not publish articles about cartoons and cartoonists (see Lies 5 and 6), he is not a FECO member and he wishes to stay independent to build up his cartoon center in France, which we all fully support and cherish. Vandenbroucke is a great organizer and has an excellent budget which he needs to continue his work for the Salon.
The FECO Board and specially the President General and the Secretary General should be reachable the whole year through, speaks more than two languages, has frequently (sometimes daily or weekly) e-mail contact, is willing to travel around the world, is able to visit member countries if needed. We’re afraid that Gerard does not have time enough to do so.

Remark 8:
We’re very sorry that Mr. Zlatkovsky, who did not show any interest in FECO at all in the past 15 years and even in the past three years that he has founded FECO Russia (with still two members for the moment!) and further on did not do anything/nothing for FECO, but complaining about us all.

FECO is NOT planning to have some kind of elite-group with only prizewinners as members….
Why is he spreading this gossip? He just send this letter to two members of the FECO Board (Bob, Marlene and Roger never received his letter!)
Why is he telling lies behind our backs?
He is well respected as a cartoonist. No question about that.
He considers himself as the greatest cartoonist in the cosmos…
Of course there are some (just a few more good cartoonists) in his opinion, but very little…

If he wants to found another or a new cartoon organization (WCU: World Cartoon Union) to reach all the goals he mentioned in his letter, he has our blessings and we wish him lots of luck and success and we even wish to co-operate with him, cause we still want ‘to draw the world together in friendship’

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Юрий Акопян
И что по сути? В двух словах, плиз.

СообщениеДобавлено: Вт окт 02, 2007 2:11 am
Виктор Богорад
Юрий Акопян писал(а):И что по сути? В двух словах, плиз.

25 центов Юре! :D

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Они категорически не согласны с нашей критикой.
К тому же, в заключении говорится, тчо Злат.-художник "так себе".
Но он считает себя Самым гениальным на свете. А рисунков у него с "гулькин нос".

СообщениеДобавлено: Вт окт 02, 2007 3:08 am
Ну, вы же не думали, что они согласятся с наездом и сразу поднимут лапки к верху. :twisted: Этого стоило ожидать.
Возможно разумнее было создать альтернативную организацию. Есть риск надолго погрязнуть в дрязгах и конфронтациях.

СообщениеДобавлено: Вт окт 02, 2007 3:32 am
Борис Эренбург
zlatkovsky писал(а):Они категорически не согласны с нашей критикой.
К тому же, в заключении говорится, тчо Злат.-художник "так себе".
Но он считает себя Самым гениальным на свете. А рисунков у него с "гулькин нос".

Михаил, ну, на самом деле... В таких случаях не пересказывают эмоционально, а цитируют. И заметь, я вовсе не пытаюсь их защищать... Мне они совершенно безразличны. Мне небезразличен Златковский, который:
He is well respected as a cartoonist. No question about that.
Понятно, что не все на форуме знают англ. в совершенстве.
Уж лучше переведи дословно их письмо.

СообщениеДобавлено: Вт окт 02, 2007 4:07 am
Юрий Акопян
Я думаю respected уважаемый, а не "так себе".

СообщениеДобавлено: Вт окт 02, 2007 4:10 am
Юрий Акопян
Они категорически не согласны с нашей критикой.

А кто бы сомневался.

СообщениеДобавлено: Вт окт 02, 2007 4:15 am
Юрий Акопян
Remark 8:
We’re very sorry that Mr. Zlatkovsky, who did not show any interest in FECO at all in the past 15 years and even in the past three years that he has founded FECO Russia (with still two members for the moment!) and further on did not do anything/nothing for FECO, but complaining about us all.

Они что, на Россию наезжают, русофобы хреновы?
Прав Бонд: сделай сам.

СообщениеДобавлено: Вт окт 02, 2007 5:55 am
Коллеги и ребята!
И я, и Богорад, и Казаневский...и все прочие(которые подписали и которые не захотели подписывать наш Меморандум по причине, как они говорили:"А я что мне эта ФЕКО, организация, которая не существует!")...
...все понимали прекрасно, что НИЧЕГО с ними не сделаешь.
Не подвинутся они со своих насиженных мест.
Там же для некоторых-ПОЖИЗНЕННОЕ членство в Директорате.
Надо было сначала заявить свою позицию о Преобразованиях в работе ФЕКО.
Сейчас руки свободны.
И через неделю-другую начнем организацию Всемирного Союза Карикатуристов.
С включением в него представителей конкурсов, музеев, коллекционеров и просто любителей карикатуры.
Практика общения на этом форуме показывает, что такой Союз нужен нам всем.
Вношу на обсуждение кандидатуры на позиции Со-Председателей:
Адолф Борн--Президент по авторам, художникам,
Руди Гхайенс (Директор Европейского центра карикатуры, Бельгия)-Со-Президент по выставкам и музееям,
Юрий Акопя-Со-Президент по арт-критике.

СообщениеДобавлено: Вт окт 02, 2007 11:39 am
Борис Эренбург
Ну, Михаил, вот это по-нашему!
Эти наглые редиски написали письмо на непонятном языке.
Переводить его коллегам и ребятам - жаль тратить время...
Что там написано - неважно, "respected" - это "так себе", а ответ этим султанам, в переводе на русский, укладывается в одно слово "ДОЛОЙ!!!", и Акопяна - в министры!
Прям не 2007, а 1917!
А я от себя добавлю, опередив Акопяна (на полном серьезе, ибо правила игры требуют): Златковского - на царство!!!

СообщениеДобавлено: Вт окт 02, 2007 12:15 pm
Борис Эренбург писал(а):А я от себя добавлю, опередив Акопяна (на полном серьезе, ибо правила игры требуют): Златковского - на царство!!!

Да в том то и дело, что никак нельзя.

Они же написали, что Зл. хотел быть Президентом ФЕКО. :oops:
(Никогда и не помышлля об этом.)
Вот и получится, что затея с реорганизацией только для того и есть. Чтоб -в Президенты!

Если Борн согласится-лучше и не придумаешь.
А мы уж как-нибудь в сторонке, бочком-с. :D

СообщениеДобавлено: Вт окт 02, 2007 12:54 pm
Andrey Feldshteyn
Вообщем-то ясно, что FECO - не злодейская организация, паразитирующая на мировом карикатурном сообществе. Она просто - никакая. Директорат их миллионы себе не стяжал, а просто жил в свое удовольствие, представительствуя то там, то сям.

Конечно они несколько ожили в ответ на меморандум и попытались вложить персонально Мише побольше, но там не такие характеры, чтобы противостоять молодой карикатурной организации, да и всерьез бороться.

Надо действительно делать что-то свое, не тратя времени на разборки с FECO. Можно делать это с профессиональным уклоном, создать нечто вроде Всемирной Федерации Журналистов (защита прав, социальная помощь авторам и пр.). Можно усилить гуманитарную линию (пропаганда идей, имеющих общечеловеческую ценность и пр.) Наверное заказывать музыку будут также возможные спонсоры движения, если таковые появятся.

Обновленная английская площадка форума может оказаться удобной платформой для обсуждения всевозможных идей с коллегами, не владеющими русским. Потому заинтересованным лицам рекомендую там зарегистрироваться.

СообщениеДобавлено: Вт окт 02, 2007 1:03 pm
Юрий Акопян
и Акопяна - в министры!

И чтоб на три срока сразу, не президент чай какой, чтобы опосля переживать.

Борис, может ты переведешь, а то там сплошной лай и ничего не поймешь.

СообщениеДобавлено: Вт окт 02, 2007 1:11 pm
Юрий Акопян
Обновленная английская площадка форума может оказаться удобной платформой для обсуждения всевозможных идей с коллегами, не владеющими русским.
Нехер баловать, пусть лучше русский учат, чтобы с министром могли объясняться